Cholsey Climate Emergancy and Environment Group

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Land at Papist Way – Leavesley Consultation

Policy CNP H2  The village Built-up Area Boundary is defined on the Proposals Map. Permission will be supported for new homes on infill sites which lie within the village Built-up Area Boundary provided that:

  • the proposal does not have an unacceptable impact on an important open space of value to the community nor a space of environmental or ecological value, nor an important public view as set out in document – Cholsey Views Assessment  ​
  • an important open space of public, environmental or ecological value is not unacceptably harmed, nor an important public view as set out in document – Cholsey Views Assessment unacceptably harmed, and  ​
  • the proposal would not produce an unacceptable impact on noise, privacy and access, for example by creating a narrow side access in the neighbourhood area to the rear, and would not extend the built limits of the settlement  ​
  • maintains the general character and appearance of the area  ​

Proposals for development outside the built-up area will only be supported if they are appropriate to a countryside location and are otherwise consistent with development plan policies.

The Leavesley development proposals lie outside the built-up area and are not supported by Cholsey Parish Council.  Any consultation referred to by Leavesley is historic, no current consultation is taking place.

Welcome to Cholsey Parish Council

Cholsey Parish Council is the first level of local government in the Cholsey area and as such has certain duties and discretionary powers which help to preserve and enhance the quality of life in our community.

  • Acts as the first filter for planning applications, on which it makes recommendations to South Oxfordshire District Council.
  • Runs and, wherever possible, seeks to improve the recreational facilities, allotments and footpaths within the village boundaries.
  • Looks after the recreation ground, The Forty and the cemetery.
  • Works with the police to increase community safety and discourage anti-social behaviour.
  • Works with and other public bodies to improve car parking, street lighting, road safety, highway maintenance and public transport.
    Provides public shelters and seats.